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New Growing Systems

Freshlogic offers a tailored service, evaluating the market impact and appeal of investing in new production systems such as glasshouses and vertical farming. Providing profiles of recent market growth and forecasts, assessing the potential price impact resulting from increased supply volumes.

New Growing Systems

Tailored Analysis
Assessment of the market impact & attractiveness of investing in capacity for new production systems including glasshouses & vertical farming.

Freshlogic’s tailored analysis reports offer indepth analysis of the production, distribution, and demand dynamics within a designated category. This comprehensive document delves into key influencers and trends that wield significant impact on performance and growth prospects.

Specifically honing in on glasshouse and
protected cropping systems, the report covers the following categories:

  • Glasshouse
  • Polyhouses & Tunnels
  • Conventional & Outdoor


Through a tailored lens, this analysis provides valuable insights into the intricate landscape of the industry, paving the way for informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Unveiling crucial findings pertaining to the chosen category, each report illuminates the implications for investors considering ventures in building or acquiring farms within this sector.

Our comprehensive research draws on a rich array of data sources and analytical models, including:

  • International Trade Data: Insights derived from exporting and importing countries.
  • THRUchain Model Outputs: Providing a detailed analysis of domestic market volumes, values, and distribution channel shares.
  • Competitive Alternatives Profiling: A thorough examination of supply and demand patterns for alternative products.
  • Mealpulse Food Consumer Panel Data: Shedding light on category purchase behaviors and attitudes.
  • Horticultural Sector Data: Aggregated from multiple sources, offering a nuanced understanding of country capacity.
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This amalgamation of data and analysis equips investors with a well-rounded perspective, facilitating informed decisions in the dynamic landscape of farming investments.

In contrast to a conventional investment market analysis, the Growing System Analysis offers a nuanced understanding of the ongoing investments in protected cropping systems and the magnitude of existing commitments within this industry.

By delving into the regional distribution and hectares devoted to growth systems, investors gain valuable insights to discern whether they should venture into a potentially saturated market.

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The report is generated based on the most recent financial or calendar year, concluding in months such as June or December.

Quantifying Protected Cropping Across Regions and Areas:

  • Volumes Analyzed by Location
  • Comprehensive Breakdown of Volumes by System (e.g., Glasshouse Area and Volume)
  • Location-Specific Yield Evaluation
  • System-Specific Yield Assessment

Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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