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New Growing Systems

Freshlogic offers a tailored service, evaluating the market impact and appeal of investing in new production systems such as glasshouses and vertical farming. Providing profiles of recent market growth and forecasts, assessing the potential price impact resulting from increased supply volumes.

Retail Market

A profile of the category level volume, value and growth for the largest distribution channel for fresh food. This includes the quarterly market share of the major retailers. In keeping with the Freshlogic approach the market volume and value aligns with supply and household purchases.

Food Service

Identification of all primary and secondary food service distribution channels into the Australian market. Also provides annual volumes and fresh fruit and vegetable categories purchased and the buying methods and number of outlets of each sub-channel.

Supply & Distribution

Designed to track volume and value flows from production through to supply channels, including import and export volumes affecting total category size. These analyses track the dynamics of total category supply from the farm gate over time, allowing you to understand category supply growth and trends.

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