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Blending extensive long-term experience with innovative insights, Freshlogic possesses unparalleled expertise and proficiency in analysis, supply chain management, research, data visualisation, and achieving impactful commercial outcomes.

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Freshlogic is a fresh food research and analytics specialist, boasting extensive expertise in the dynamics of the fruit and vegetable market. Central to our approach is the THRUchain system, mapping the supply journey from inception through all distribution channels to consumption. The system is designed to capture how the influences on perishable products shape the flow to market and enable the volumes and values to be quantified.

Fueling THRUchain is a wealth of targeted datasets, and its paramount strength lies in its comprehensive nature. Our commitment to maintaining and expanding this knowledge base empowers us to offer unparalleled commercial insights into every stage of the supply chain and the diverse markets they cater to.


Mealpulse™ Consumer Panel

Capturing 15,000 weeks of household food shopping annually, Mealpulse™ is Freshlogic’s food consumer research platform.

Designed to identify changes, quantify impact, and track movements in food consumer buyer behaviours as households have been influenced by changes in attitudes, values, and prevailing economic conditions. Mealpulse™ is enabled by ongoing research investment, which has generated over 12 years of data and provides access to a wealth of decision-ready insights to guide food market decisions. Equally, it can reveal the drivers of the changes and provide the basis for demand forecasting.

The Mealpulse™ system capacity includes the integration of respondents’ DocketData to inform on household purchase quantities and enable analysis based on food products purchased. This combination also allows the analysis of whether aspirational views are reflected in food buyer behaviour.

Production & Distribution

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Provides data on major and Independent supermarkets, including specialist retailers.

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Captures household spending consumed both at home (retail) and away (food service).

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Combines diverse data inputs and models to evaluate the market size and share of fresh food, categorised by channel and category.


DocketData stands as a distinctive data source within Freshlogic’s work. Panel respondents from the Mealpulse™ platform willingly share their purchase receipts for retail food transactions made during the week of their online survey completion.

This comprehensive dataset captures a myriad of transaction variables, including retailer details, date and time of purchase, store location, product description, size, quantity, price, shopping trip size, and the foundational elements necessary for analysing promotional impacts and companion product relationships.

The synergy of DocketData with Mealpulse™ respondent profiles, preferences, and supplementary information such as trip frequency and market share among supermarkets and specialists, facilitates a nuanced assessment of aspirational intent and actual buying behaviour. This evaluation spans variations by household segment and state, as well as by retailer and time of week.

Fresh Produce Industry

Our Systems

The Freshlogic Analytics system is crafted to integrate premier analysis software seamlessly with an effective distribution mechanism for our services.

This achievement is realised through the provision of access to Tableau software and a suite of purpose-built dashboards. The system is strategically designed to translate Freshlogic outputs efficiently into analysis that is ready for informed decision-making.

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