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With a balance of long-term experience and fresh ideas, Freshlogic have leading expertise and knowledge in analysis, supply chain management, research, data, visualisation and commercial outcomes.

THRUchain™ View

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Freshlogic is a specialist in fresh food research and an analytics firm with deep knowledge of fruit and vegetable market dynamics. The platform of our approach is the THRUchain system that maps supply through all distribution channels to consumption. The system is designed to capture how the influences on perishable products shape the flow to market and enable the volumes and values to be quantified.

THRUchain is informed by a series of targeted datasets, and it’s essential value is in it’s completeness. By investing in maintaining this knowledge base, we can provide commercial insight into all supply chain stages and the markets they serve.


Mealpulse™ Consumer Panel

Capturing 15,000 weeks of household shopping annually, Mealpulse™ is Freshlogic’s unique consumer research and analysis plaform. Delving into the minds of today’s consumer, this data-rich, independent consumer panel delves into the minds of todays’ consumer, capturing fresh food consumer behaviour, attitudes and food consumption habits of Australian households.

With almost 10 years of analysed data, Mealpulse™ provides historical information that captures the marked changes in fresh food consumer’s purchasing behaviour, as they seek better value.

Production & Distribution

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Captures household spending consumed both at home (retail) and away (food service)

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Provides data on major and independent supermarkets as well as specialist retailers.

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Captures household spending consumed both at home (retail) and away (food service).

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Combines with other data inputs and models for assessment of fresh food market size and share by channel and category.


DocketData is one of Freshlogic’s unique data sources. Mealpulse™ panel respondents forward their dockets for the retail food purchases they made during the week they completed their online response.

DocketData captures all available transaction variables including; retailer, date, time, store location, product description, size, quantity, price, shopping trip size and the basis to enable the analysis of promotional impacts and companion product relationships.

DocketData is combined with Mealpulse™ respondent profiles and preferences as well as other information such as trip frequency and market share between supermarkets and specialists. This allows assessment of aspirational intent and actual buying behaviour, variations by household segment and state, as well as by retailer and time of week.

Fresh Produce Industry

Our Systems

The Freshlogic Analytics system has been designed to combine the best analysis software options with an efficient means to distribute our services.

This is achieved by delivering access to leading edge Tableau software and a set of purpose-built dashboards. This system is designed to efficiently translate the Freshlogic outputs into decision ready analysis.

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