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Export Market Analysis

Export Market Analysis

The Freshlogic online dashboard empowers users to navigate, quantify, and evaluate the allure of 25 international fresh fruit and vegetable export markets. Discerns rival exporters based on seasonal availability, compound annual growth rate (CAGR), monthly volume, and price trends spanning the past 5 years.

Export Market Analysis 

Online Tableau Dashboard


Allows users to explore, define the size, and assess the attractiveness
of 25 fresh fruit and vegetable country export markets. 
attractive growth prospects.


The Export Market Analysis gathers and assembles horticultural export data from Australia and various countries servicing the 22 Australian Export Target Markets (ATEM)* identified as the most promising for investment.

Australian exports are profiled monthly, encompassing volume, value, and price per kilogram, with state exports annually. Australian imports are also profiled accordingly.

All competitors exporting to ATEM are profiles by volume, value, price per kilogram and seasonal volume.

All trade data undergoes a validation process, ensuring alignment between exporter volumes and importer volumes imported by category.


Analysis drill-downs allow users to assess trade activity filtered by:

  • Product category.
  • Year, Month by Volume and Value
  • Australian Export/Import.
  • Exporter/Importer to ATEM country.
  • Southern hemisphere export
    competitors only.


Plus default analysis options for;

  • Five year volume, value and price comparisons with CAGR.
  • Top-10 partners by volume, value and price per kilogram for Australia, ATEM country and ATEM export competitor.
  • Australian export volume and value seasonality to ATEM.
  • Seasonality of ATEM top-10 importer and exporter nations by volume.
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Export Analysis is designed to guide assessments of export market performance, competitors, and opportunities.

It provides the basis to access:

  • Export market performance.
  • Seasonal competitive windows.
  • Level of export market premiumisation.
  • Category export competitor set by country.


Our dashboards are tailored for decisionmakers, presented in user-friendly formats ready for immediate use.

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Australian Export Market Analysis provides data spanning from 2016 to June 2023.

ATEM import data is profiled from 2016 to June 2023.

24-7 access is offered through a secure, permission-based login system, powered by Tableau visualisation software.


Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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