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Fresh Snacking Market

Freshlogic’s online dashboard uncovers strategic insights into the expanding fresh snacking market to inform investments in New Product Development (NPD) for this rapidly growing meal occasion. Encompassing the volume and value of all fresh fruits and vegetables consumed or sold as snacks, the analysis introduces a three-tier approach considering profitability, cost per kg, and seasonality.

Purchase Metrics

Access to a refined set of household purchase metrics that include; household penetration, buying frequency, quantity, value of spend and number of shopping trips. In keeping with the Freshlogic approach the metrics align with the total retail market volumes and values. In recent development these metrics are available at state level.

Consumer Attitudes

Access to a set of food shopper attitudes and behaviours informed by our Mealpulse™ food consumer panel. Includes the likes of; Buying frequency, quantity, value & number of trips, Split Shopping, the appeal for Organics and new packaging. Available in online dashboards.

Growth Opportunities

Providing comprehensive detail on fresh food market size and distribution channel structure, as well as a breakdown of consumer purchasing behaviour, retail and foodservice dynamics, international trade and more. Designed to provide in-depth supply chain mapping for individual categories, as well as an analysis of Australian food consumers to identify key risks and opportunities to guide investment decisions. Available across all fresh fruit, vegetable, nut, meat, poultry and seafood categories.

Retail Market

A profile of the category level volume, value and growth for the largest distribution channel for fresh food. This includes the quarterly market share of the major retailers. In keeping with the Freshlogic approach the market volume and value aligns with supply and household purchases.

Retail Sales Mix

A profile of the volume and value contribution of product types to retail category sales. Designed to provide insight into the drivers of growth from the likes of seasonality, retail ranging, new products and promotional activity.

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