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Fresh Snacking Market

Freshlogic’s online dashboard uncovers tactical insights into the expanding fresh snacking market to inform investments in New Product Development (NPD) for this rapidly growing meal occasion. Encompassing the volume and value of all fresh fruits and vegetables consumed or sold as snacks, the analysis introduces a three-tier approach considering profitability, cost per kg, and seasonality.

Fresh Snacking Market 

Online Tableau Dashboard


Insights into fresh snacking designed to guide investment in New Product Development (NPD) catering for this high-grown meal occasion.


Fruit & Vegetable Fresh Snacking Market Analysis quantifies retail market volume and value across all fruit and vegetable categories consumed between meals by
eating occasion, including:

  • Mobile snacking, typically consumed out of home.
  • Home snacking requiring some limited preparation.
  • Meal components.


Seasonal volumes by category are also captured weekly in tonnes.


Analysis drill-downs allow users to assess snacking market size, filtered by:

  • Fruit and vegetables.
  • Product category.
  • Product category group.
  • Consumption occasion – mobile snack, home snack or meal component.

Default analysis options for:

  • Category value by snack or meal component.
  • Total selected retail value and volume.
  • Seasonality of Australian produce by week.
  • Top-8 category in retail value.
  • Retail value and share contribution of snacking, plus meal component by category.
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Fresh Snacking Market Analysis is designed to guide evaluations of market  performance and opportunities for products consumed between meal occasions. It provides the basis to:

  • Assess snacking market performance.
  • Quantify category market share.
  • Identify seasonal competitive windows.
  • Understand product end-use.


Dashboards are designed for decisionmakers
and are in formats ready for use with
trading partners.

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Data undergoes quarterly refresh cycles.

24/7 accessibility via permission-based login facilitated by cutting-edge Tableau visualisation software.

Subscription options include access for specific 3-month projects or the convenience of an ongoing annual subscription.


Available across all fruit and vegetable categories consumed as snacks

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