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Remaining at the forefront of the industry requires companies to diligently monitor emerging trends and insights, empowering them to proactively outpace competition and craft well-informed business strategies.


Be the first to receive our latest insights, FreshIncites, into the fruit and vegetable market directly in your inbox. We consistently deliver complimentary data insights on fresh produce across diverse industry sectors spanning the entire supply chain. This represents our entry-level offering among Freshlogic’s suite of market insights products.

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Will fast delivery bounce back?
Forecasted volume growth calls for planning
New grape varieties drive quality pressures in snacking
WFH locked in & set to impact HH food buying


Freshlogic is an expert provider of insights and analytics relating to the Australian Fresh Produce landscape. Our articles centre around the ways insights can help businesses of all shapes and sizes in their decision making and business planning.

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Be the first to receive our latest insights, FreshIncites, into the fruit and vegetable market direct to your inbox.

What Insights Will I Receive?

Our free fresh produce data insights vary depending on the time of year, what is in season or coming into season, what is happening internationally and locally. With our Freemium range you get a broad mix of the latest market data.

Fruit & Vegetable Grower Data

We provide a broad range of fruit category data and vegetable category data including national production yields, weather impacts, economic statistics and much more.

Household & Consumer Data

We track consumer spending, household trends and statistics along with projections and estimations for future spends. All our consumer data is backed by thorough and detailed research protocols to ensure the highest quality market intelligence is received.

Online Grocery & Retail Market Data

Our retailer data is robust and provide key insights around online produce purchases and growth sectors. We gather market data direct from retailers for the most accurate and up to date insights.

Global Industry Trends

Whilst our key markets are Australia and New Zealand, we also track global data and industry trends that give you the ability to stay ahead of your global competitors.

Innovation & Industry Data

With a growing demand for innovative throughout the horticulture industry we stay up to date with farming technology trends, packing innovations and packaging solutions. This includes sustainability innovation and trends.

Horticulture Statistics Handbook

A reflection of our deep understanding and experience within Australian Horticulture, Freshlogic has been involved as the delivery partner for Horticulture Innovation’s Australian Horticulture Statistics since it’s initial publication in 2014-15. The Handbook analyses state production, international trade, processing volumes and fresh market distribution across 70 horticultural categories utlizing Freshlogic Analytics’ live data analysis capacity, as seen below. With the ability to map production to the SA4 level and its distribution through to marketing channels, find out today how Freshlogic can assist your business. 

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