Freshlogic is a leading provider of fruit and vegetable industry data and analytics.

Insights, reporting, and dashboard products help businesses across the horticulture supply chain make better commercial decisions.

About Freshlogic

Freshlogic is a leading provider of fruit and vegetable industry data and analytics. Insights, reporting, and dashboard products help businesses across the horticulture supply chain make better commercial decisions.

Freshlogic is a specialist in the highest quality fresh product data analytics across all Australian Horticulture sectors. Freshlogic has built a set of unique data collection analysis tools that inform from household consumption to growth, production, and distribution.

Our proprietary systems allow us to deliver detailed analytics solutions for business needs. Our clients include major retailers, leading fruit and veg wholesalers and producers, peak industry bodies, research organisations, and government departments.

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What We Do

We empower businesses to stay ahead of their fruit or vegetable category landscape, enabling them to make informed and strategic decisions.

Weekly Pricing

Online Tableau Dashboard
Informs & guides actions on weekly fresh fruit & vegetable wholesale & retail pricing.
Provides access to 5 years of data history, insight into influences & capacity to view price trends by week, month & quarter in a report ready format.

Market Size & Growth

Online Tableau Dashboard
Defines markets in ways that informs fresh fruit & vegetable category planning & performance decisions.
Covers Retail, Food Service, Export & Processing markets and with the THRUchain system is able to define National & State level markets for each fruit & vegetable category.

Export Market Analysis

Online Tableau Dashboard
Allows users to explore, define the size & assess the attractiveness of 25 fresh fruit & vegetable country export markets.
Identifies competing country exporters by seasonal availability, CAGR, monthly volume & price over the last 5 years.

Promotional Activity

Online Tableau Dashboard
Informs on the SKU level weekly frequency & price detail of retail promotional activity, which reflects the status of fruit & vegetable category supply & demand.
The Adwatch service provides definitive SKU, state level data inform retail trading partner planning & reviews.

Food Service Unpacked

Online Tableau Dashboard
Profiles the complexities of food service to guide decisions on how to best service this higher growth channel.
Includes defining subchannels, volumes and values of fresh fruit & vegetable categories, the buying methods, preferences & most attractive growth prospects.

Retail Market in Detail

Online Tableau Dashboard
Provides the data & analysis capacity to assess & track retail fruit & vegetable category performance & market influences.
Includes category size, growth, retailer share, sales mix, retail range and shopping trips. Provides access to a rich set of insights to inform retail trading partner reviews.

Investment Analysis

Tailored Analysis
An analysis to inform investment decisions for fruit & vegetable new ventures & acquisitions. Compiled to complement proposals to finance providers.
Typically centred on assessing the attractiveness of the venture by defining the market impact of outputs & the distribution channels that will generate the best value.

Fresh Snacking Market

Online Tableau Dashboard
Insights into fresh snacking designed to guide investment in NPD catering for this high growth meal occasion.
Includes the volume & value of all fresh fruit & vegetables consumed & or sold as snacks. Introduces a 3-tier analysis that considers portability, $ per kg & seasonality.

New Growing Systems

Online Tableau Dashboard
Assessment of the market impact & attractiveness of investing in capacity for new production systems including glasshouses & vertical farming.
Includes profiles of recent years market growth & forecasts of the likely price impact of increased supply volumes.

Food Consumer Insights

Online Tableau Dashboard
Insights into the fresh food buying behaviour of Australian households & how shopping trips, spend & retailer preferences are shaped by prevailing attitudes and values.
Informed by the Mealpulse food panel & DocketData to provide the detail of fruit & vegetable trip frequency, quantity & spend.

Input Markets for Growers

Online Tableau Dashboard
Access to the data & analysis to define the size & growth of fruit & vegetable production input markets by input type, product category & geography.
This HaRCt service has capacity to define inputs by category & then combine inputs for multiple categories by geography.

NPD Validation

Tailored Analysis
The basis to identify, quantify & validate a business case for new products.
Includes an assembly of category specific insights designed to frame volume and value, consumer demand for added value attributes & distribution channel dynamics.

How It Benefits You

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We are constantly reviewing, revising and enhancing the data sets that deliver our fresh produce industry data insights. This makes our offering more accurate and relevant than any other horticulture insights provider in market.

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Our diverse 18 set data sourcing, ensures that all insights stem from a robust pool of credible resources – forming the broadest and deepest picture. This further validates accuracy and empowers our customers to dig deeper when needed.

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Using Freshlogic online dashboards, customers get on-demand access to data insights and valuable fresh produce industry market data scaled to their requirements. We are the leading market analysis company in the horticulture industry providing fresh produce data, farming data, and market research data.

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Our approach to category focused market insights, with a variety of data insights extensions means that customers can quickly and easily expand their insights in whatever direction they need, without a full-scale reporting exercise.

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