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We use a set of tailored research and analysis tools to generate the most complete set of fruit and vegetable supply chain and market data across 50+ categories. Our advanced and detailed knowledge provides the basis for insights that informs decisions and generates commercial advantages.  

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Report-Ready Format

Save time and effort with our streamlined report-ready format. Our intuitive dashboard eliminates the need for extensive data review or analyst assistance, empowering you to make decisions with ease.

Why CHoose Freshlogic-04

Extensive 5+ Years Data History

Access continuously updated comprehensive data spanning five years for accurate and relevant insights. Explore weekly updated tactical dashboards for retail trading and receive quarterly retail share and supply data, perfectly timed for category reviews and planning.


In-depth Fruit and Vegetable Coverage

Explore over 50 fruit and vegetable categories across the entire supply chain. Our detailed coverage ensures you have access to the insights you need to stay ahead in the market.

Why CHoose Freshlogic-01

Instant Dashboard Access

Enjoy convenient on-demand access to our user-friendly dashboard. With ongoing enhancements, you'll always have the latest data insights at your fingertips.


Comprehensive Approach

We take a holistic approach, integrating data from various sources to provide a comprehensive view. Our THRUchain integration ensures that our insights are sourced from credible resources, giving you the most accurate and reliable information available.

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