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Investment Analysis

Freshlogic offer a tailored, insightful analysis designed to guide investment decisions for new ventures and acquisitions in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. Crafted to complement proposals for financing, the focus lies on evaluating the venture’s attractiveness by delineating market impacts of outputs and identifying optimal distribution channels for maximum value generation.

Investment Market Analysis 

Tailored Analysis


An analysis to inform investment decisions for new ventures and acquisitions in the fruit and vegetable industry. This analysis is compiled to complement proposals submitted to finance providers.


Freshlogic offer a customised report and in-depth analysis focusing on the production, distribution, and demand dynamics within a specified category.

This comprehensive study profiles pivotal influencers and identifies emerging trends that have the potential to significantly impact performance and drive growth opportunities.


These essential insights highlight the category’s nuances and their implications for investors considering farm development or farm acquisition.

Utilised Data & Analysis:

  • International Trade Data encompassing both exporting and importing countries.
  • THRUchain model outputs detailing domestic market volumes, values, and
    distribution channel shares.
  • Comprehensive profiling of supply and demand patterns for competing alternative products.
  • Mealpulse food consumer panel data capturing category purchase behaviors and attitudes.
  • Horticultural sector data aggregating country capacity insights from diverse sources.
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Freshlogic reports are crafted to provide a targeted analysis that identifies crucial findings, extending them to reveal commercial implications relevant to investment decisions.

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The report is generated based on the most recent financial or calendar year, concluding in months such as June or December.

Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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