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Retail Market in Detail

The Freshlogic online dashboard delivers comprehensive data and analysis for evaluating and monitoring the performance of retail fruit and vegetable categories, along with market influences. Encompasses category size, growth, retailer share, sales mix, retail range, and shopping trips, offering valuable insights to enhance retail trading partner reviews.

Retail Market in Detail

Online Tableau Dashboard


Provides the data and analysis capacity to assess and track retail fruit and vegetable category performance and market influences


The Retail Market in Detail online dashboard is crafted to profile volumes, values, and retailer market share within fruit or vegetable categories, this tool offers a comprehensive exploration.

It delves into detailed aspects, including retailer market share, product sales mix (volume and value contributions), and household purchase quantities, providing a thorough understanding of the category dynamics.


Performance summary by retailers:

  • Retail value.
  • Market share and sales growth change.
  • Retail prices.
  • Number of advertisements
  • Number of products.
  • Product ranges.
  • Category sales mix.


Explore the category range details at major Australian retailers:

  • Product description.
  • Price per kg
  • Product weight.
  • Number of products per retailer.


Analyse the category’s promotional profile throughout the year, along with retailer participation by category.

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Evaluate food service channels for growth potential and strategic distribution.

Analyse trends in food service spending to guide marketing investments.

Examine outlet numbers across diverse food service channels to understand volume and sub-channel purchases.

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Access comprehensive retail range data for major supermarket retailers spanning two years, with monthly updates for real-time accuracy. Performance data is refreshed quarterly.

Enjoy 24/7 access through secure, permission-based logins facilitated by top tier Tableau visualization software.

Subscribe at the fruit and vegetable category level for tailored product access.


Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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