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Weekly Pricing

Weekly Pricing

Our Weekly Pricing and Trading Influences (WPTI) online dashboard collects real-time weekly fresh fruit and vegetable wholesale and retail state market pricing, in an instant. These dashboards are designed to allow for concise, tactical analysis and examination of wholesale and retail trends, influence for fresh fruit and vegetable products and support retail tactical trading decisions.

Weekly Pricing & Trading Inluences

Online Tableau Dashboard


Informs and guides actions on weekly fresh fruit & vegetable wholesale & retail pricing attractive growth prospects.


The Weekly Pricing and Trading Influences Analysis (WPTI) collects fruit and vegetable category:

  • Wholesale and retail state market pricing.
  • Retail promotional activity and pricing.
  • Pricing trends for major category products.
  • Sales seasonality breakdown by week.
  • Five years of historical data for trend analysis.


All pricing data is translated into price per kilogram to enable comparative analysis.


Analysis drill-downs allow users to assess pricing activity filtered by:

  • Product Category.
  • State and National market.
  • Wholesale pricing.
  • Retail pricing.
  • Number and price of
  • retail promotions.
  • Date by week and year.
  • Major category products.


Default Analysis options for:

  • Comparisons with last week and year.
  • Wholesale and retail state market pricing trend analysis.
  • Wholesale and retail state market. pricing comparison.

WPTI is designed to allow for concise, tactical analysis and examination of wholesale and
retail pricing trends, as well as influences on fruit and vegetable products.

It provides the basis to:

  • Assess the status of supply and demand.
  • Guide strategy & investment decisions.
  • Assess category & product performance.
    Guide promotional planning.
  • Manage tactical pricing strategy.
  • Monitor retail spend.
    Guide support to retail clients.


Dashboards are designed for decision makers and in formats ready for use.


Data is refreshed weekly, updated by Friday 3:30PM AEST each week.

Access available 24-7 through permission based login enabled by best of class Tableau visualisation software.

Product subscription access provided by fruit & vegetable category.


Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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