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With a balance of long-term experience and fresh ideas, Freshlogic have leading expertise and knowledge in analysis, supply chain management, research, data visualisation and commercial outcomes. We are Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of fresh produce trends insights.

Our Guiding Principle

Freshlogic possesses unparalleled expertise in delivering the latest fresh produce trends, insights, and market data to the horticulture and related industries.

We take on the heavy lifting for our clients, diligently accessing comprehensive industry data and compiling superior insights that empower them with the competitive edge they seek.

The Freshlogic team has consistently established itself as the go-to choice for industry research, catering to all horticulture-related data needs, including retailer data, consumer data, and a wealth of current and historical data.

Leaders in innovative fresh produce market insights

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Our Values

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We act as the validator & filter. Our commitment to accuracy ensures we identify what insights are most relevant and impactful.

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We act as the consolidator & simplifier. Our concise communication ensures that we respect our customers’ time and challenges.

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We are analytical innovators, with a hunger to explore. Our journey to constantly explore new analytical layers, ensures deep and innovative insights for customers.

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We build insights that stem from & connect to the bigger picture. Our approach to insights gathering and analysis means customers can easily see the smartest approach.

Our Team

Fresh Produce Trends Analyst

Martin Kneebone

Managing Director
Martin has 25+ years’ experience working in fresh food supply chains. He has deep experience in the management, supply and analysis of fresh food categories across fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood and has a strong reputation for his ability to extract useful, commercial applications from his reviews and analysis.

He has worked at senior management level in supermarket retail and has directed numerous consumer and trade channel studies including developing the first large-scale direct buying links between growers and retailers in Australia.
Fresh Produce Trends Analyst

Jordan Le

Operations Manager
Jordan has been with Freshlogic over 5 years, using his strong experience as an analyst and understanding of fresh food supply chains to implement significant improvement to platform contributions to Freshlogic services. Additionally, Jordan has also been a driver of technology integration across Freshlogic business operations, utilizing technology to innovate across the business.
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Stephanie Glowaski

Business Manager
Stephanie boasts over two decades of expertise harnessing market and consumer behaviour data to craft innovative customer experiences, refine brand identities, and formulate effective channel strategies. With a diverse range of functional skills and a wealth of experience spanning various sectors, she possesses the ability to cut through surface issues, seeking fresh insights, and thinking critically and strategically to solve problems.
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Anna Doan

Database Manager
Anna brings a wealth of expertise to our team, boasting 7 years of experience as an analyst coupled with an additional 9 years dedicated to collaborating with agricultural producers. With a proven track record in import and export operations, particularly within the Australia and Southeast Asia markets, Anna is instrumental in navigating the complexities of global trade. Her pivotal role extends to gathering and analysing Freshlogic's primary market data sources, uncovering invaluable insights crucial to the industry at large.
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Haruka Iida

Market Analyst
Haruka brings a distinguished background in research and publication, with a focus on consumer analytics and the intricate value chain of agricultural food. Possessing a keen knack for dissecting broad market dynamics, Haruka expertly navigates the agricultural landscape, offering stakeholders invaluable insights and actionable directives. At Freshlogic, Haruka plays a pivotal role in curating and interpreting market data, providing clarity and strategic guidance to our team and clients alike.
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Allan Philip Canoza

Market Analyst
At Freshlogic, Allan's core focus lies in data management and analysis. He utilises tools like Python and MySQL to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the data, undertaking tasks such as cleaning, manipulation, and optimisation. Additionally, Allan enhances Tableau dashboards to provide intuitive insights for organisation-wide use, empowering decision-makers with actionable information.

Moreover, Allan oversees the maintenance of online dashboards and PDF reports for Hort Innovation Australia, ensuring they are regularly updated with the latest data and visually compelling. By providing stakeholders with real-time insights, he contributes to informed decision-making, driving growth for Freshlogic and its clients alike.
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George Altar

Market Analyst
As the primary data architect at Freshlogic, George spearheads the gathering and refinement of data, ensuring alignment with our current data structure for the export market analysis Tableau dashboard. His expertise extends to streamlining processes to enhance time efficiency within our operations, automating data intake processes and generating updated Tableau dashboards for analysis.

Beyond his core responsibilities, George offers invaluable support to colleagues across the organisation, leveraging his proficiency in tools such as Python, MySQL, PowerQuery, and MSSQL. Moreover, he plays an integral role in the continuous updating and optimisation of the Freshlogic website, ensuring its relevance and functionality in meeting the evolving needs of our clients and stakeholders.
Freshlogic | hs Crystal Tan

Crystal Tan

Data Analyst
Crystal is at the forefront of our data management and visualisation efforts, leveraging her specialised degree in Data Science to drive excellence in our processes. Through meticulous attention to detail, Crystal ensures the accuracy and usability of our data by spearheading comprehensive collection, processing, and analysis initiatives. Her dedication to data analytics not only enhances our operational efficiency but also brings academic rigor to the practical challenges we face, resulting in innovative solutions that propel our organisation forward.


We are constantly seeking highly motivated candidates to join our business. A position with Freshlogic offers immediate exposure to a diverse client base, the opportunity to work in a challenging environment with a team of dynamic individuals and the ability to further develop skills across a number of disciplines. Interested? Get in touch today.

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