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Consumer Insights

Freshlogic’s online dashboard, reveals insights into the purchasing habits of Australian households for fresh food, uncovering how shopping trips, expenditures, and retailer preferences are influenced by prevailing attitudes and values. Utilszing data from the Mealpulse food panel and DocketData to offer detailed information on the frequency, quantity, and spending patterns related to fruits and vegetables.

Docket data

Embodying our “all up” philosophy of market analysis, our THRUchain model views segments of the Australian food market from production through to consumption, allowing visibility of distribution channel share and volumes.

Purchase Metrics

Access to a refined set of household purchase metrics that include; household penetration, buying frequency, quantity, value of spend and number of shopping trips. In keeping with the Freshlogic approach the metrics align with the total retail market volumes and values. In recent development these metrics are available at state level.

Consumer Attitudes

Access to a set of food shopper attitudes and behaviours informed by our Mealpulse™ food consumer panel. Includes the likes of; Buying frequency, quantity, value & number of trips, Split Shopping, the appeal for Organics and new packaging. Available in online dashboards.

Split Shopping

Access to data and an analysis of shopping trip patterns that profile how many trips shoppers are undertaking to supermarkets each week. Patterns are profiles by each shopper “main supermarkets” and whether they shop 1, 2 or 3 + times per week. It reveals the level of loyalty each supermarkets enjoys and in recent time reflects the influences of social restrictions on the number of shopping trips.

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