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Food Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Freshlogic’s online dashboard, reveals insights into the purchasing habits of Australian households for fresh fruit and vegetables, uncovering how shopping trips, expenditures, and retailer preferences are influenced by prevailing attitudes and values. Utilising data from the Mealpulse food panel and DocketData to offer detailed information on the frequency, quantity, and spending patterns related to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food Consumer Insights  

Online Tableau Dashboard


Gain insights into the fresh food buying behavior of Australian households
and how shopping trips, spending, and retailer preferences are shaped by
prevailing attitudes and values.

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Mealpulse™ Food Consumer Panel

Capturing 15,000 weeks of household food shopping annually, the Mealpulse™ food consumer panel serves as the research platform for Freshlogic’s consumer insights.

  • Designed to gather and profile a combination of influences and food buyer behaviors for all food consumed at and away from home by Australian households.
  • Operated through an online system with a sample design to enable tight national  extrapolation.
  • Content covers the details of fresh foods and supports the DNA of Freshlogic specialties.
  • Contains 12 years of historical data to inform the tracking of influences, trends, and buyer patterns.
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A unique data source is generated from Mealpulse™ panel respondents who provide retail food purchase dockets.

  • Created as the first system in Australia to gather retail docket data to supplement consumer
    research, it has evolved to harness a tailored technology solution that automates the gathering and extraction of all data on each retail docket.
  • Provides the basis to validate retail patronage, trip spend, product purchase quantities, basket size, and companion products for each retailer.
  • It now holds the details of over 800,000 product purchases.

Online Market Insights

Profiles the performance of the Australian Online Food & Grocery channel, which is the most significant food distribution channel change since the first supermarkets opened in the 1960s.

  • Designed to define and quantify online sales and the market share of major food retailers and
    home delivery plan providers.
  • Includes the online Fruit & Vegetable total market size and its contribution to total retail sales.
  • Incorporates online participation, trip spend, the percentage of shoppers purchasing each category, and  consumer satisfaction by retailers.

Split Shopping

Profiles retail shopping patterns as trips are shared between major retailers.

  • Designed to profile changes in the share each retailer has of households that make 1, 2, or 3 shopping trips per week.
  • An effective measure of retailer loyalty and total trips.
  • Increasingly relevant as total food shopping trips continue to decline


Online Market Analysis and Split Shopping are available in online dashboards, updated monthly via subscription to Freshlogic Analytics.

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Data is refreshed on a monthly and quarterly basis


Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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