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Our Adwatch online dashboard provide detailed insights into retail promotional activity at the SKU level on a weekly basis, offering a snapshot of the dynamic interplay between supply and demand in the fresh fruit and vegetable category.

Adwatch™ Promotional Activity 

Online Tableau Dashboard



Informs on the SKU level with weekly frequency and price details of retail promotional activity, reflrecting the status of fruit and vegetable category supply and demand


The Adwatch™ Promotional Activity online dashboard collects and organises product level fresh food retail promotional data.

This encompasses all promotions reaching no less than 50% of a state capital metro area—an impact deemed influential on a metro market. The data covers promotional efforts across print and digital media for supermarket chains, independents, and greengrocers.

Furthermore, all promotional data is converted into price per kilogram, facilitating comprehensive comparative analysis of all activities.


Analysis drill-downs allow users to assess promotional activity filtered by;

  • Product category.
  • Product type or variety.
  • Retailer.
  • States and National.
  • Date in weeks and years.
  • Combinations of the above.


Plus default analysis options for;

  • Comparison with last year.
  • Retailer share of activity.
  • Retailer involvement by week.
  • Pre-pack versus loose product form.
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Adwatch™ is crafted to support tactical trading decisions by providing detailed profiles of how retailers and their trading partners invest in promotional activities.

It provides the basis to Assess:

  • Category and retailer performance.
  • The leading edge of market pricing.
  • Impact on seasonal income.
  • Influence on sales mix by product type.
  • Validating business case options for trading partners.
  • Variety and or brand exposure.


Tailored for decision-makers, our dashboards come in user-friendly formats, readily deployable in collaboration with trading partners.

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Five-year data history and weekly updates by Friday, 3:30 PM AEST, covering all activities in that week.

24-7 access through a secure, permission based login system, powered by best-inclass Tableau visualisation software.

Given the substantial buyer product substitution, an Adwatch™ subscription provides inclusive access to all promotional activities within the fruit and vegetable categories.


Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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