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Our Adwatch online dashboard provide detailed insights into retail promotional activity at the SKU level on a weekly basis, offering a snapshot of the dynamic interplay between supply and demand in the fruit and vegetable category.

Docket data

Embodying our “all up” philosophy of market analysis, our THRUchain model views segments of the Australian food market from production through to consumption, allowing visibility of distribution channel share and volumes.

Adwatch™ Retail Promotions

Capturing weekly promotional activity at a product level, Adwatch is designed to detail how retailers and their trading partners invest in promotional activity.  Retail catalogue promotions across print and media impacting national and state markets are captured for major retailers and independents. This data is translated into a price per Kg to allow for a comparative analysis of all activity, with 5 years of historical data available. Assess the status of supply and demand, category and retailer performance, variety and brand exposure across your product categories with AdwatchTM. Available live and updated weekly for fresh produce, meat and seafood categories. 


Adwatch™ gathers food and grocery promotions at the product level, including both pricing and frequency. This includes both print and digital media for major chains, independents and greengrocers.


Drilldowns on this service allow users to separate promotions by


  • Retailer (by no# & share) State
  • Date selection (week & year) Retailer involvement by week Product type or variety
  • Pre pack vs. loose Product type


Adwatch™ is designed to support tactical trading decisions, planning and assessment by monitoring retail promotions. Easily analyse

  • Market pricing impacts
  • Promotion seasonality
  • Retailer brand support

Across all fruit and vegetable categories in one easy-to-use analysis.

To analyse competing activity, a subscription to Adwatch™ also includes access to all fruit and vegetable categories.


Data for over an average of 300 product promotions is refreshed weekly, updated by Friday 3.30PM AEST each week.

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