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Input Markets for Growers

Freshlogic offers a tailored service, uncovering comprehensive data and analysis to delineate the size and growth of input markets in fresh fruit and vegetable production, categorised by input type, product category, and geography. The Freshlogic Hectares, Regions, Tonnes and categories (HaRCt) service possesses the capability to define inputs by category and subsequently consolidate inputs across multiple categories based on geography.

Input Market for Growers

Tailored Analysis
Access to the data and analysis to define the size and growth of fruit and vegetable production input markets by input type, product category, and geography. This HaRCt service has the capacity to define inputs by category and then combine inputs for multiple categories by geography.

The Freshlogic online dashboard includes a comprehensive examination of diverse farming and cultivation systems employed in Australian Horticultural Food Production, this analysis is curated to facilitate strategic business decisions.It offers insights into market sizes of various systems, aiding in the determination of input investments and requirements.

Moreover, the study delves into the demand preferences, influences, and market values associated with the procurement of input equipment by Australian Horticulture producers.

The dashboard provides an encompassing overview of the yield and productivity of Australian farms, exploring the influences shaping them.
Additionally, it explores the collection of regional level data to profile horticultural crop areas and the utilisation of input systems.


Uncover pivotal insights into the category, with consequential implications for investors seeking to pioneer new input systems or strategies. These findings are instrumental for expanding market share and identifying novel markets to effectively distribute inputs.

Utilised Data & Analytical Approach:

  • Leverage THRUchain model outputs to comprehend domestic market volumes, values, and distribution channel shares.
  • Profile the intricate supply and demand dynamics of competing alternative products.
  • Employ Mealpulse food consumer panel data to scrutinise category purchase behaviors and attitudes.
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It is tailored to provide a systematic analysis that not only identifies key findings but also extends them to discern their commercial implications. The process involves the direct collection of data from  growers, agronomists, and input specialists, which is then amalgamated with the latest research available, organized by Hectares, Region, Category, and Tonnes (HaRCt).

This comprehensive approach allows for a nuanced understanding of either the hectares or tonnage, enabling the sizing of markets for Input A or B based on the specific quantity of inputs required to cultivate Y tonnes.

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The report is generated based on the most recent financial or calendar year, concluding in months such as June or December.

Regional and area-based  quantification of input systems:

  • Volume by Location
  • Volu,e by system
  • Yield by Location
  • Yield by System
  • Area by Location
  • Area by System

Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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