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Food Service Unpacked

The Freshlogic online dashboard analyses the intricacies of the food service sector, tactical decisions to optimise service in this rapidly growing channel. Covers subchannels, volumes, and values of fresh fruit and vegetable categories, as well as buying methods, preferences, and the most promising avenues for growth.

Food Service Unpacked 

Online Tableau Dashboard


Profiles the complexities of food service to guide decisions on how to best serve this
higher growth channel. Includes defining subchannels, volumes, and values of fresh
fruit and vegetable categories, along with buying methods, preferences, and the most
attractive growth prospects.


Online Market Insights

Profiles the performance of the Australian Online Food & Grocery channel, which is the most significant food distribution channel change since the first supermarkets opened in the 1960s.

  • Designed to define and quantify online sales and the market share of major food retailers and
    home delivery plan providers.
  • Includes the online Fruit & Vegetable total market size and its contribution to total retail sales.
  • Incorporates online participation, trip spend, the percentage of shoppers purchasing each category, and  consumer satisfaction by retailers.

Fruit & Vegetable Online Market

Profile and compare the average share of fruit and vegetable purchases in total food and grocery expenditure, both online and across all retail platforms.

The analysis extends to total online retail sales on a quarterly and MAT year basis, with added capability to scrutinise variations in category purchase quantities between online and traditional retail shopping trips.

Unlock detailed insights with analysis drilldowns, enabling users to evaluate online purchasing with customised filters:

  • Distinguish the variation in purchase quantities for the category between online and overall retail
  • Online retail sales by year.
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Online Retail Analysis

The Online Retail Analysis is crafted to offer profound insights into the dynamics and performance of the online food and grocery market, with a specific focus on the online fruit and vegetable segment within this channel.

It provides the basis to:

  • Assess online food retail market performance.
  • Quantify online food market share.
  • Understand consumer behaviour patterns.


Tailored for decision-makers, our dashboards come in user-friendly formats, ready for immediate use.

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Online retail data undergoes quarterly updates, ensuring real-time accuracy.

Enjoy 24/7 access through secure, permission-based logins facilitated by top-tier Tableau visualization software.


Available over 50 fruit & vegetable categories

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