Horticulture Statistics Handbook

Freshlogic and Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd have combined to produce an annual Horticulture Statistics Handbook that addresses the need for accurate data on market size, value, structure and consumption of horticulture crops in Australia.

The Handbook offers data covering 75 horticultural categories including all fruit, vegetable, nuts and amenity crops using Freshlogic’s THRUChain™ modelling and the Mealpulse™ consumer food panel, which combine to provide the most accurate view available through their Australian fresh market wholesale value and volume for each category. 

The fuller set of data provided in this Handbook is designed to support Australian horticulture stakeholders in their strategic and business planning, as well as a range of other uses.

The third edition for the year ending 30 June 2017 is now available on the Horticulture Innovation Australia website here. 

If you have an interest in a particular fruit and vegetables category from the handbook or you simply want to know more feel free to contact us

Freshlogic phone number: +61 3 9818 1588