Fruit and Vegetable snacks valued at $3.18B

The fruit & vegetable snacks market is continuing to mature, as marketers look to service demand and capture big opportunities for bite sized products.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable snacks are valued at $3.18B MAT as marketers have moved to better service this demand, which for this analysis is defined as portable fruit & vegetable products consumed as fresh snacks.

The most visible growth has been from Berries, Snacking Tomatoes, Mandarins and Cucumbers. However, when improvements in plant material, planting systems and extended seasons for the likes of Apples, Table Grapes, Cherries and Summerfruit are considered, it is not surprising the value of portable fresh fruit & vegetables snacks, has increased to over 20% of the retail fruit & vegetables market.

Fruit marketers have seen the demand for smaller fruit and in many instances, found those sizes are preferred and of stronger value. The smaller portion preference for this meal occasion is also reflected in the successful snacking vegetables where “bite size” portions are the norm.

The durability of fresh snacks in the handling systems that service online deliveries will advantage some products and impaired others. It is also importance to realise that retail shelf space is finite.

Ready to eat cut fruit remains underdone in the Australian market, compared to other similar markets. This product form does appear challenged to compete with the local market seasonal flushes of fruit and their high to low pricing patterns.

The near-term future looks to present challenging times for the once dominant fresh fruit staples who are feeling the pressure of losing share in an expanding fresh snack market.

Navigating to find opportunities in this maturing market is now informed by understanding the seasonal supply dynamics of competing products on offer and managing NPD to deliver incremental advantages to distributors.

Learn more about your potential seasonal and product development opportunities with Freshlogic’s retail market market analysis tools.


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