Fruit and Vegetable Market Growth Unpacked

Fruit and Vegetable Market Analysis Reveals Growth Drivers Across Retail, Food Service, Processing, and Export Channels.

An analysis of fresh fruit and vegetable markets reveals different settings by category, presenting varied growth opportunities.

This starts with understanding the proportions of each fruit and vegetable category that are distributed through each market pathway. There are essentially four distribution pathways: Retail, Food Service, Processing and Exports to international markets.

Domestic retail is the largest channel, moving over 3 million tonnes annually, but there are variations. For example, over 50% of Grapes, Mandarins, and Oranges are exported. Similarly, Potatoes and Tomatoes see larger volumes going into processing rather than the fresh market.

Further variations are evident in domestic food service, where some volumes are >6M tonnes and 20% of retail volume. These variations are driven by fruit and vegetable categories that have earned key menu roles, most notably Mushrooms, Avocados, and Head Lettuce.

Freshlogic | Distribution Image

When the drivers of growth in each distribution channel are unpacked, they reveal quite dynamic trends:

Retail has moved past store network expansion and is now more focused on fruit and vegetable category value growth, typically with an emphasis on category and shopping trip convenience.

Food service is responding to sharp commercial pressures and is now receptive to purpose-designed products that suit their meal assembly processes.

Processing is being aided by better technology, which may provide solutions for food service.

Export is focused on overcoming regulatory hurdles and finding workable treatment protocols to gain access to markets that are typically many times the size of the Australian domestic market.

Freshlogic has the capacity to map distribution volumes and values by category, thereby identifying opportunities.

Our market insights deliver a depth of understanding that provides the basis for generating commercial advantages.

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